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The Everyday Organizer (EDO)

I created the first/rough version of the EDO for my personal use while serving overseas back in 2005.  Recently, a few of my friends saw the original design and, understanding the utility of a multi-functional organizer, pushed me to get off my butt and make the real deal - I think they just wanted a free prototype for their own use, lol!  Seriously though, while most of us don't carry around grid reference graphics, communications cards or cheat sheets for close air support, etc... it is nice knowing these demands are part of the history behind the product.  A compact organizer engineered for anyone who requires more than just a notebook case - Plan, Sketch, Organize!


Price:  $65




Product Description


The Everyday Organizer, (pronounced E.D.O. or just EDO) is where you manage the papers, equipment and items that are both personal and essential to your everyday grind.  From the parent who just needs the checkbook, cell phone, to do list and car keys in one place; to the hunter/outdoorsman; or the Military, LEO, Firefighter, EMS, Forest service, etc.. professional who needs the ability to stay organized and plan in the field.


The EDO consists of two large outer pockets for storage of: cell phone, portable battery back-up, check book, thumb drives, notebooks, map sheets, extra pens/markers, pistol magazines, cigar case, compass or GPS device, protractor, Gerber tool, etc…  As a very wise man recently told me "You can put small items in large pockets, but you cannot put large items in small pockets" lol!


The two elastic loops on the spine allow for storage/securing a flashlight, chemlite, ASP baton, knife, etc… or as a way to secure the EDO to another item or your person.


The security flap can help secure larger items/book/notepads stored loose inside the EDO by snapping directly to the pocket flaps or, attach the elastic straps and slip them around the outer surface.  Additionally, the security flap provides storage for pens, ferro rod, cordage, etc… via elastic molle loops.


When opened, take advantage of the clear vinyl window for use as your personal editor / mobile chalk board.  Using a dry erase marker or grease pencil type writing tool you can: sketch, plan, map, doodle, etc…  The inner surface area behind the clear vinyl can be used as one large area or separated into two sides where you can insert your own crib sheets, to do lists, "fill in the blanks" template or other material. 


Unsnap one side of the storage flap, turn the EDO inside out and re-secure the flap and the EDO now has a triangular shape that can rest on a flat surface for easier reading/watching.  The EDO can be placed over a forearm for improvised use like a Quarter Back playbook wristband in this configuration as can the security flap via the elastic straps.


Use the EDO in the inside out / triangular configuration to play a game.  Create your own “Battleship” template and insert behind the clear vinyl window.  Use some sticky note flags to indicate “destroyed vessels” and bam!  Now your kids are playing Battleship!


The EDO is made from:

500 DN Cordura

MilSpec webbing and plastics

Clear Vinyl, double polished, with a cold crack rating of -29 degrees


*I recommend a dry erase marker for use with the clear vinyl as it can be rubbed off/clean with only a little vigor, but will not just “wipe” off…  Grease pencils and alcohol pens, overhead projector markers will also work, but if you are familiar with these instruments then you already know that they require a cleaning solution / cleaning eraser to remove. 



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