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The K-9 Control System - A.K.A. Dog Harness

Even the best tempered animal can be hard to handle from time to time. Our K-9 Control System will put you in control of your animal, thereby giving you back that quality time with your dog!


I need to make a new video soon, perhaps one of the harness in use while I am being attacked by an actual K9 unit...  Finding a dog "model" isn't as easy as you may think, lol!  In the meantime, here is the original video...enjoy!





Product Description


The K-9 Control System is superior from other harnesses in a couple major ways:  First, we have incorporated a collar retention strap with a center/chest lead attachment point. This allows you to control your dog from its center line while preventing the harness from moving from side to side. The other unique feature is the shoulder strap, or "grab" handle. This allows you to maintain positive control of your dog and, if needed, you can lift your animal off of its powerful front legs and onto its haunches - without choking your dog as you would if you grabbed onto its collar!


Easily adjustable and solidly constructed using all Mil-Spec and Berry Compliant materials. Hand Crafted and Made in the U.S.A. at a great price!



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