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Inspired by Kevin Estela during his recent high adventures, the Key-DC is a must have addition to your EDC arsenal.  The perfect platform to store those smaller, but must have, every day carry items because you don't get to pick and choose the "oh sh**" moments in life! Better to have and not need than need and not have...


I'll have more video's coming soon.  In the meantime, check out our Instagram page for more KeyDC pics by us and others!


 PRICE:  $25




Product Description


The "Key-DC" is your last ditch storage device for those mission critical, cannot do without, it really would suck to lose, everyday carry items. Easily concealed, it can be attached to your key ring; worn on a lanyard around your neck; attached to a belt loop and then worn IWB; carried as a minimalist wallet or attached via the velcro to an inside pants leg, hoodie, vehicle, etc...

Based on your requests and some other crazy ideas - yes Jason, I'm talking about you - the Key-DC has evolved into a couple different configurations which are now available as options.  Law Enforcement types have asked me to place both loops on the top so the Key-DC can be worn like a badge holder.  Additionally, I recently had a request to put a "slip" pocket on the back instead of the velcro.  You can now pick and choose your own Key-DC configuration that best fits your needs!

Finally, I'm proud to say that we are also making a version of the Key-DC that incorporates an "Ulti-Clip" and is being sold exclusively by BlackScout Survival.  Check out his website and YouTube videos for more info!

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