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The "T.H.O.R" Equipment Carrying System

Our "Tactical, Hunting, Outdoor and Recreational" (T.H.O.R.) equipment carrying system is designed so you can carry the gear you want, where you want, so it is there when you need it. The T.H.O.R. is a modular, multi-functional, equipment carrying system that kicks ass across a broad spectrum of cool stuff:


Military, Law Enforcement, Tactical, Hunting, Archery, Bush-Craft, Hiking, Camping, Exploring, Horseback, Mountain Bike, ATV, Survival, Bug Out, Zombies, Etc...

$325 for Coyote Brown and Ranger Green; $350 for Multi-Cam and Multi-Cam Black


*I do not plan to make more T.H.O.R. systems until Spring 2017. Contact me directly with questions*




Product Description


The system consists of Four Primary Components:


CHEST RACK: The leading edge is covered in a system of MOLLE and loop velcro so you can attach our G.A.P. Pouches (Gear, Ammo, Pogey Bait), S-Cards, pistol holster, Morale Patches, etc... Each pocket has a security “D” ring for dummy cords and you can tuck the pocket flaps inside the pockets when hunting for enhanced noise reduction. With the pocket flaps tucked in, you can use the shock cord keeper system to secure larger items such as M-4 Magazines, buck calls or water bottles. All Pocket interior surfaces are lined with a rubberized fabric called "Gripp Tac" that provides both a non-slip and washable surface. The Chest Rack can accommodate a large 10" x 12" Tombstone style metal or ceramic plate and soft armor.


BACK PANEL: Covered in MOLLE so you can attach G.A.P. Pouches, hydration system, tools, etc… Any of these items can be secured to the back panel and you can still attach the Assault Pack! The interior space of the Back Panel can also be used to store maps, signal panels or a folded tarp/sleep pad, etc... The Back Panel plate pouch can accommodate a large 10" x 12" metal or ceramic plate and soft armor.


G.A.P. POUCHES x 2: These pouches can be worn with any MOLLE compatible system or worn alone on a tactical belt. The pouches are lined with Gripp Tac and the flap can fold back on itself or tuck inside the pouch for ease of access. Large enough to easily accommodate a standard box of 12 gauge shotgun shells, use your G.A.P. Pouch to store your IFAC, binos, range finder, shotgun ammo, gloves, personal effects or lickies and chewies. No matter what you place inside, the G.A.P. Pouch keeps your essential gear where you want it so it is there when you need it!


ASSAULT PACK: Locks in place via removable side release buckles located at the top and bottom of the back panel for better weight distribution (instead of the weight pulling the ruck down to your butt all day long). A removable divider allows you to separate the interior space into upper and lower compartments. Additionally, two outside entry panels provide access to the pack interior without having to remove the pack itself. These entry panels are also lined with MOLLE so you can secure extra G.A.P. Pouches, jackets, tarps, quiver, etc... to the outside of the pack. Comes with basic shoulder straps so it can also be worn as a regular stand alone pack.


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