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Pre-made and DIY strap kits soon!


Padded "Strap Wraps" coming soon!


If a product somehow breaks or rips during "normal" use, I will fix or replace it. For example, If you order a large EDC Tactical Belt, size 36"-40", but upon receipt and before wearing for a week, you realize that a medium, size 32"-36" would be a better fit, just contact me and we will exchange. In contrast, here are some real examples of what doesn't count as normal: you intentionally cut the webbing on a K9-CS and now one strap is too short - you don't get a free K9-CS. You loose/gain weight four months after purchasing an EDC Tactical belt - good or bad on you, but you don't get a free belt. You smashed a fast-tec buckle between two heavy/rigid surfaces that would have shattered a lesser person's bones - well, that I can fix (you pay shipping), but you still don't get a free replacement. In sum, occupational / "sh** happens" hazards associated with active lifestyles, feats of daring, battles against evil or other equally kick ass activities, we will work it out. But if you intentionally cut or modify webbing, run it over with your ATV, lose/gain weight, shoot it or feed it to your dog kind of disasters... sorry, that's on you.


All of our products are hand-crafted from Mil-spec, Berry compliant materials and PROUDLY MADE IN THE U.S.A.


Lead Times

As a small business owner I maintain a limited inventory, which means I complete and fill orders in the sequence they are received. We take pride in our work and that means taking the time to get it right the first time. Our goal is to have your product completed and shipped to you within 7-10 business days, but it can take up to 4-5 weeks, contingent on the product, your place in line, availability of materials, etc... I very much trust that you, the type of customer we are looking to support with our gear, is also the type of person who understands this process.


Finally, as a veteran owned and operated small business, we appreciate each and every customer. Word of mouth and positive feedback directly impacts our business so please take a moment tell your friends about us by posting something positive on your personal social media page(s) with a link to our company. Or, better yet, post on one of our social media outlets, the links to which can be found in the upper left hand corner of every page. If you have questions about your order, or even about how to set up your gear, please contact me directly so I can make it right and help get you back outside.

Mark Laine


It is the responsibility of the user to determine the proper suitability and safety of a product for any particular use. Center Line System’s only obligations are those in our Terms and Conditions of sale and in no case will Center Line Systems be liable for any incidental, indirect, or consequential damages arising from the sale, resale, use or misuse of its products. The customer assumes all risk for the suitability of a particular purpose unless Center Line Systems specifically represents in writing to the contrary.

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