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At Center Line Systems we offer high-quality hunting, outdoor, tactical and survival related products designed to meet the demands of every day life or serious high adventure.  Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, avid hunter, wilderness survivalist, military/law enforcement professional, casual camper or working mom/dad  - our products are created with you in mind!


We are a Built To Order company that takes great pride in the thought and craftsmanship behind each piece of gear that goes out the door.  Quality over Quantity means plan ahead as, while I try to complete and ship orders in less than 10 business days, your order may take up to 4 weeks to fulfill based on where you are in line and other such factors.

Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any questions.



Mark Laine;

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Hand Crafted by real humans


Designed by experience


Powered by your support!

Details matter -  because you deserve the best!

Our products are made with Mil Spec / Berry compliant materials and designed from the experience of using equipment under extreme, real-world conditions. The result: Products that are functional, rugged and superior in their quality and craftsmanship!

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